PriMega Message Gateway

The PriMega Message Gateway is the central control point of a system. All calls, messages, alarms and notifications are processed by the PriMega and sent out according to customer preferences stored in the database. Available as standalone as well as local or diversely located redundant configurations.

ipBSC Base Station Controller

The Prism-IPX ipBSC is a network base station controller designed for use with the PriMega series of text message handling systems. Message transmission is sent over IP to a single transmitter or multiple transmitter radio simulcast networks used primarily for paging technology.

Prism-IPX AB Switches

Choose Models from with 1, 3 or up to 20 ports based on your requirements. Our IP controlled AB switches are widely used for switching connections between redundant messaging systems and for enabling or disabling remote equipment. Very popular for switching between old control systems and new modern base station controllers.

Paging Encryption Servers

Prism-IPX introduces new products for encrypting and transporting critical paging messages which can be sent to modern paging terminal switches or encoder systems that are capable of POCSAG and Flex encoding of the encrypted messages. Products run on dedicated servers or as virtual servers along with PriMega programs.

IPT Systems

The IPT product is a versatile software and hardware design allowing various configurations for multiple uses. By merging the functionality of paging and protocol conversion into one device the IPT provides more options for our customers. Popular configurations include the Internet Paging Terminal and Internet Protocol Translator.

STI’s RFI Series Paging Transmitters

The RFI series transmitter from STI Engineering is designed specifically for radio paging systems used in commercial, healthcare and emergency services usage where reliable simulcast signal is critical. Current products operate at 20-250 Watts for VHF (138-174 MHz) and 900 MHz (929-932 MHz) channels. STI transmitters are are designed for true digital DPS frequency generation that enables precise control and flexibility for a wide range of data transmission applications. The transmitters are designed for small and large simulcast POCSAG and FLEX paging networks.

Message Logging Systems

The Prism-IPX ECHO software is designed to send, receive and log paging messages using Prism-IPX decoders. Logs all paging messages transmitted on your paging channel. Message logs can be used as proof messages were sent. ECHO logs can easily be searched for the message. Notifications are often sent to technical staff so they quickly respond to a system problem.