STI’s RFI Series Paging Transmitters

The RFI series transmitter is suited for applications in city and state wide paging systems for commercial, health and emergency services usage where reliable simulcast overlapped coverage is critical.

The transmitter can be used as a standalone unit for covering a campus or building, or as a part of a large wide area network with almost any paging terminal vendor.The transmitter can also be seamlessly installed in place of other transmitter brands in an existing UHF paging network.

Transmitters provide 20-250 Watt continuous duty power output for 138-174 MHz and 929-932 MHz Bands for digital paging systems. Supports POCSAG and Flex paging protocols.

Designed to match the Prism-IPX ipBSC transmitter controller interface, the RFI allows full remote control, monitoring, alarming and remote software management using the Prim-IPX OMI Network Management System.