PriMega Message Gateway

The PriMega Message Gateway is the central management point of a system. All calls, messages, alarms and notifications are processed by the PriMega and logged for usage and diagnostic reports. The PriMega manages a paging network from the message input using telephone and data lines to the data output to one or more paging transmitters, email or text messaging destinations.

The PriMega is a modular design allowing you to choose which paging and message handling functions you need. Features include direct VoIP telephone access for the ultimate in commercial and private Radio Paging systems. Using network based direct calling to the “SIP” enabled PriMega reduces telephone interface costs and provides calling from virtually anywhere using VoIP.

The PriMega allows companies using a VoIP capable PBX to bypass the PSTN giving your users virtual access. Connect medical and industrial remote monitoring equipment using TAP, TNPP and plain text data to the PriMega using Prism Inet, the new IP interface for industry standard message input protocols. With built-in IVR/Voicemail, text messaging to pagers and phones, email copy of messages and all the popular paging signaling formats makes the PriMega the ultimate for centralized messaging.

The PriMega is designed to accept text messages using various protocols such as TNPP, Email (SMTP), SNPP and Computer Interface (CIF) connections over Ethernet and serial ports. Messages are routed out according to instructions in the User Database. The messages can be sent as Numeric (digits only) and Alphanumeric (text message) to your own paging transmitters or to other paging networks. Messages can also be sent to Email addresses or SMTP destinations for display on cell phones or Wi-Fi phones.