Paging Encryption Servers

Prism-IPX introduces new products for encrypting and transporting paging messages which can be sent to compatible paging terminal switches or encoder systems that are capable of encoding encrypted messages.

The Paging Encryption Processor (PEP) server is used in small systems for up to 1,000 enabled pagers. Install at remote sites where messages originate and send to centrally located Prism paging systems for broadcast over the paging transmitters.

The Paging Encryption Server (PES) is used in medium to large systems with up to 100,000 enabled pagers and is designed to be installed in paging systems for customers that require their data remain within their network or premises.

Currently the PES system supports Unication’s and TPL Systeme’s encryption protocols for Flex and POCSAG digital paging formats. Other encryption protocols will be considered based on customer interest.