The Operations and Management Interface (OMI) system manages system components and data flowing through the system. OMI logs all required data and provides site monitoring and alarm processing.

The OMI Module performs Operations and Managment of the PriMega system components. This can include the central paging and message processing system, base station controllers and paging transmitters. Some of functions OMI peforms include:

  • Web based configuration and monitoring system for ipBSCv2 and STI Transmitter
  • Put ipBSCv2 in/out of service (out of service stops monitoring of ipBSCv2 and attached transmitter)
  • Updates Dispatcher with IP Addresses of Data1 and Data2 NICs for receiving encoded paging data packets
  • Actively interrogates ipBSCv2 and STI Transmitter for current device status
  • Monitors alarms from ipBSCv2 and STI Transmitter, updates details on alarm screen and sends SNMP traps for alarms and clears
  • Update ipBSCv2 and STI Transmitter with new firmware