The Prism-IPX ECHO software is designed to receive and log paging messages using Prism-IPX Paging Data Receivers (PDR). ECHO receives decoded paging messages from PDRs and logs the information showing proof of transmission over the air verifying the paging system is working. ECHO is positive proof that the paging system is working. For verification that a page was actually transmitted the ECHO log can easily be searched for the message.

The Prism-IPX ECHO software can send periodic test pages with unique message content so when the off-the-air data is decoded ECHO searches for these messages. If a message(s) is missing ECHO can send a notification via any of several different protocols to a designated location(s) calling attention to the problem. Notification can sent to your paging system paging, email or smartphones or even other paging systems. Notifications are often sent to technical staff so they quickly respond to a system problem.