The IPT is a full featured small paging terminal that is popular for replacing older outdated systems. The IPT provides far more feature options and simplifies systems since everything is one box. The IPT accepts POTS or DID telephone connections for entering numeric paging messages. The IPT can also accept data packets from a serial or network connections and delivers them based on a configurable routing table.

  • Supports Two-tone and Five-tone tone only and voice paging.
  • Supports POCSAG, Golay and Flex Tone only, Numeric and Alphanumeric paging.
  • Supports sending and receiving messages via:
  • SMTP (Internet e-mail)
  • SNPP (Internet network paging)
  • HTTP (Web paging)
  • TAP (Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol),
  • TNPP (Telocator Network Paging Protocol – ID or CAP page)