PriMega systems perform universal message handling utilizing its powerful protocol conversion and message routing functions. By connecting external data sources and destinations the PriMega links private and commercial messaging services.

PriMega systems can be configured to accept text messaging data using the following protocols as well as send messages out using these protocols.

  • GCP – input and output
  • TAP – input and output
  • TNPP – input and output
  • SMS – output to cellular carriers and SMS aggregators
  • SNPP – input and output
  • SNPP/SLL – input and output
  • HTTP – input and output
  • HTTPS – input and output
  • SMPP – Client and Server
  • WCTP – Client and Server
  • WCTP – Secure Server Input
  • WCTPS (SSL) – input and output
  • SMTP – input and output
  • Anti-Spam – for email
  • Data Throttling – controls I/O to balance resource availability
  • Multiple Paging protocols
  • VoIP SIP numeric message input with prompts