Prism encoders provide maximum efficiency and message throughput while mixing almost any formats on the same channel. Encoders support up 8 channels plus zones. The encoder is paired with the ipBSC for transmitter control for up to more than 1,000 transmitters per channel.

  • Encoder supports the use of a variety of pager types both Numeric (digits only) and Alphanumeric (text message).
  • Sends paging signals to one or more paging transmitters or wireless networks
  • Supports voice paging using popular 2 Tone, 5/6 Tone and Golay pagers.
  • Supports industry standard paging formats such as FLEX (Trademark), POCSAG or Golay and can mix them on the same channels.
  • Text message delivery to wireless phones such as cell phones and DECT phones
  • Control remote access devices for entry control and remote security cameras
  • Generates control data for signaling electronic devices on electric power grid load management systems
  • Integrated Internet/Intranet network messaging for Email (SMTP), SNPP and Web Page (HTTP) protocols.
  • Messages received from the Ethernet network can be sent to pagers or back out to other networked systems using SMTP or SNPP.